Artwork Logistic Services

Transporting ,Packaging and Artwork handling , Shipping and Insurance 

About Losart

The Kingdom pays increasing attention to art and considers it as one of the important aspects that reflects peoples culture and keen to dedicate programs to support the cultural artistic orientation of the Kingdom, in this sense, Losco established Los Art; a specialized company that provides a package of services related to exhibitions, artwork and museums including: coordinating and organizing art exhibitions locally and internationally. In addition to transport, insurance, packaging, storage and handling of works of art according to quality standards and measures. Moreover, we implemented many local, regional and international projects with high professionalism.

01. Transporting ,shipping and insurance

Los  Art is providing exhibitions, events and museum by logistics services including transport, shipping and insurance services of artwork locally and internationally from door to door with latest and most secured means of transportation and also support its passage through air and sea ports.

02. Packaging

Los Art characterized by creating safe and modern packing methods in accordance to the international standards to ensures the safety of the artworks in all shapes and sizes. This came as a result of many researches, expertise and experiences that adopted by Los Art during the last years.

03. Artwork handling

Los Art staff work with all its capabilities and expertise to keep the artworks safe and harnessing their capabilities and energies to deal with each piece separately with high professionalism.

04. Holding art exhibition

Los Art believes in the role of art exhibitions and devotes all its efforts to hold, organize and manage local and international exhibitions. It also provide all the necessary logistic services completely.