Company Profile

A story that started before the year 1977 AD in the Kingdom of ‎Saudi Arabia as a multi-service company that operates according ‎to stable principles and values that provides its services

in a way ‎that enables it to obtain the confidence of its customers in the ‎private and governmental sectors, distinct in the field of logistics ‎services, and it has become a permanent partner for its ‎customers with service contracts that extend for more than 40 ‎years.

The services provided by the company are varied among ‎commercial shipping of goods with special requirements, ‎transportation by various means of passengers and the ‎commercial operation of the transport and warehouse facilities ‎and all that is necessary to support those activities. In recent ‎years, due to the launch of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and its ‎focus on the national industries and logistic services sector, the ‎company was able to give a classification character to its ‎activities and launch new Saudi brands competing in global ‎markets.

Founder & Directors