The Initiatives Center at the Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Foundation “Misk Charity” has launched an initiative to consolidate and promote the noble values ​​in Saudi society that provide social ties and increase the strength and cohesion of society, in addition to several social, health, environmental and economic benefits.

Losco offers to provide its logistic services according to the latest means of transportation that ensures transportation in a comfortable and easy way. Losco’s participation enhances the activation of the logistical sector’s role in participating in social initiatives that instill values ​​in the people of this country.

The launch of the “Keeping the Values” initiative comes in the belief that it embeds values ​​in society, and the positions of Vision 2030, which stipulates the consolidation of values, the cohesion of society, inculcating a culture of transmitting values ​​from one generation to another in order to achieve sustainability, surpassing societies in all levels, and developing the capabilities of increasing positive energy in society This will reflect positively on business performance and individual productivity.