Losco LTD. Company

A story that started before the year 1977 AD in the Kingdom of ‎Saudi Arabia as a multi-service company.

A story that started before the year 1977 AD in the Kingdom of ‎Saudi Arabia as a multi-service company that operates according ‎to stable principles and values that provides its services in a way ‎that enables it to obtain the confidence of its customers in the ‎private and governmental sectors, distinct in the field of logistics ‎services, and it has become a permanent partner for its ‎customers with service contracts that extend for more than 40 ‎years. The services provided by the company are varied among ‎commercial shipping of goods with special requirements, ‎transportation by various means of passengers and the ‎commercial operation of the transport and warehouse facilities ‎and all that is necessary to support those activities. In recent ‎years, due to the launch of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and its ‎focus on the national industries and logistic services sector, the ‎company was able to give a classification character to its ‎activities and launch new Saudi brands competing in global ‎markets.

Mission & Vision


To ensure quality of services and products with global standards as well as enhancing support capacities and the logistics responsiveness by covering of readiness and applying the best of the smart way to reach innovation and sustainability.


Quality of Service and Logistics Support with Innovative Practices.

Logistic Services

We are working as a service provider for various Saudi & International Manufacturing and Trading companies .


  • 42 years of experience in the logistics field.
  • 16 Branches located in Saudi Arabia
  • Two million customers per year
  • Losco operates 13 bus stations
  • Around two billion yearly value of shipments.

Our values

  • Treating all customers as partners and valuing all customers.
  • Communicate freely and share necessary information.
  • Continually strive to enhance business performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Using guidelines to focus scope and direction, but allowing empowerment to achieve the results.

Our Resources

Excellent knowledge of customs procedure system,Strong monitoring of operations and close coordination.
Experienced team for buying & handling freight services of all types.
Separate storage & warehousing team integrated with related departments.

Losco Commitment

We are commited to be the leading logistic solutions provider to our customer. We continually improving & implementing a quality management to achieve it.

Fawaz Al attawi, CEO
Losco Ltd.